Parenthood, as often said by some, is probably the most fulfilling endeavor known to man. Even when it requires so much of ourselves and entails numerous sacrifices on our part, there is still no joy that is comparable to being a parent.

Not everyone has the ability to bear a child but, nevertheless, being a parent is not only limited to having the capacity to carry a baby. Anyone--whether single, married, gay or lesbian—can become a parent with child adoption.

Unfortunately, child adoption is a legal process which involves paperwork and other requirements. This is why we at Rauseo Law Firm are here to help you make the process smoother and help guide you through the initial proceedings until the day you bring home your bundle of joy.

Helping You Throughout the Whole Process
The Adoption Process
Adoption is not as simple as it sounds. We recognize anyone’s desire to be a parent but the truth is not everyone can be qualified to be a parent and since this concerns being responsible for another human being in his or her infancy or early adolescence, the courts are very strict when it comes to screening each and every individual who wishes to be a parent.

Before an individual or couple could even start with the adoption process, the court must first determine that the person involved is emotionally, mentally and financially capable of rearing a child. There are several tests and procedures potential candidates must undergo before they are deemed fit to adopt a child.

Once an individual or a couple passes the primary stages of adoption, they will need to be apprised of the legal ramifications of adopting someone. When a couple becomes parents to an orphaned child, they both will be held liable for any and all actions by and on that certain child.

All of these details are often missed by people who just want to have a child of their own, which is why you need our help because we know all there is to know about the adoption process.

How We Can Help You
  • We will help you throughout the whole process of adoption and even before its initial stages.
  • We will conduct our own background check for you to determine if you will qualify for adoption.
  • We will also inform you of the various requirements you will need to fulfill for you to be considered as a potential candidate for adopting a child.
  • We will also inform you of what you’ll be expecting once you have adopted your child. From filiation to inheritance, we will guide you throughout the whole process of adoption so that there will be no surprises for you except the joy of being a parent.
Our Track Record Speaks for Itself
For over thirty years, we have been providing clients the best legal service in the state of Massachusetts. We have in our team the best legal minds to help you with your adoption proceedings and we will give you our best legal advice every step of the way to make sure that you’ll be informed of every detail in the adoption process.